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Ok I figured it out If you keep getting "incorrect password" using your Iphone when trying to connect to a Linksys (WRT54G) Router. Enter "admin" for both username and password (actual one NOT "key 1" numbers) 3. When he entered those..still says it cannot connect. I am almost ready to just uninstall this thing and try once more to install and see if he can do it then..not, just take it back and exchange for a different router. Thank you Somme1 I had tried everything on here to connect my Iphone 4 to my Linksys WRT120N wireless router to no avail.

Try typing in the WEP "key 1" numbers (not the actual password or passphrase) They are located in the "wireless security" settings. Go to Wireless/Wireless Security and they should be right there. If Default Transmit Key "1" is marked use "key 1" numbers, if "2" is marked use "key 2" numbers, etc. And then I tried your solution I lowerd my wifi channel and the phone instantly connected.

Tried everything logical and then resetting the network settings provided the Eureka moment. Before that it wouldn't accept the password - even though it was right. Have an Ipod touch and it would not allow me to put a password in it just would automatically connect without the password! hi Make sure you know the password if your wifi is secured. write a 10 digit number in the passphrase box and hit "generate". Some keys get generated; I used Key 1 on the i Phone when it asks for the password and it connected immediately. I setup a home network sometime ago and all was working fine, i.e., ethernet as well as wifi. All of a sudden, only in certain places in the house could be connected, and eventually not even sitting right next to the router.

Second check the wireless mac filter on the routers page maybe mac filter is set to enable thats why you cant connect your iphone to your wifi I had the same issue and this fixed it: I found a solution from a friend: You disable the password and let the iphone connect to the router. I have done a manual reset (unplug router, then modem, wait 1 min.

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This guide is just the ticket for those of you who love your netbook or anyone who wants to REBOOT COMPUTER. Walmart linksys router wireless also play to get a small amount of time without sound, whatever you do in your volume settings.

There are something can cause walmart linksys router wireless, you can see from below: Malicious software: These software often attempt to take control or modify your computer. Application conflicts: If you are running multiple software applications at the same time, they may conflict and walmart linksys router wireless will come out.

Incomplete installation: You will receive walmart linksys router wireless, if you installed wireless on your computer incompletely.

It finds the router fine but stalls at 'validating identity'.

But I have recently re-installed windows and now can't get it to connect.

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