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You, the reader, are probably a guy, and you are probably interested in dating girls, who are probably girls.

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For their part, women suffered no comparable Brain Failure in any of these experiments, regardless of who was IMing them. Well, stress of any variety tends to turn you into a stuttering alien who can't manage a simple conversation, so the answer to Date Idiocy should lie in simple stress reduction.When newly dating, people also tend to play down their past relational wreckage and personal liabilities.Have you ever fudged "the number" when asked about your sexual history or not completely owned up to your own role in a messy break-up?For this reason, I'm not intimidated by funny women; in fact, I'm constantly looking for someone like me to — I don't know — sit around and laugh at life with. Who's “cool” today, probably won't be “cool,” tomorrow.A sense of humor, on the other hand, has no expiration date.

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