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He was the largest shareholder in AOL Time Warner, owning around four per cent of the soon-to-be-merged companies; his celebrated name was on the door of a major division, Turner Broadcasting System; and his dimpled chin, gap-toothed smile, and pencil-thin Gable-esque mustache were recognizable everywhere.His life is documented by the framed magazine covers that crowd the walls of his Atlanta office: Turner in 1976, launching the first “Superstation,” by transforming a weak local television signal into a robust cable network; Turner in 1977, skippering his boat, Courageous, to victory in the America’s Cup; Turner pioneering the purchase of professional sports teams as cheap and reliable programming; Turner inventing the twenty-four-hour Cable News Network; Turner buying Hollywood film libraries to create new cable-television networks; Turner as Man of the Year.The other girls on the show, including Kim Zolciak, who had a similar arrangement with real esate mojul Lee Najjar, make fun of Marlo for being a kept woman. Ted’s assets include tons of television networks (including CNN) and the Atlanta Braves.Kandi Burruss lit up the blog with this zinger: “Now Marlo, she says she’s always been good with money… According to the site’s source, Marlo was integral in breaking up Ted’s marriage to Jane Fonda in 2001."Hello I am Jane Fonda and I am in my home, the home that I have shared with my partner Richard Perry for a number of years," she says in the clip."Richard and I must have looked at more than 30 houses and the day we pulled in through the gate into the front, I took one look at the house and I knew.

"The novelists Robert Olen Butler, 50, and Elizabeth Dewberry, 32, knew they were meant for each other when they could sit in a room together and not only write but also write well," begins that couple's we wondered what Pulitzer winner's wife left him for a captain of industry. But de facto therapy as the initial foundation of a marriage eventually sucks the life out of a relationship.But when, in January of 2000, Time Warner and Turner agreed to join with the Internet company America Online, Turner was not invited to participate in the talks about how the merged company would function. The news, Turner says, was delivered during a telephone call from Gerald Levin, the C. Turner Broadcasting would no longer report to Turner but, rather, to Robert Pittman, the chief operating officer of AOL.“You can’t report to Pittman, so you have to have a more senior role,” Levin remembers telling Turner. of AOL, who was to be the chairman of the new company, demanding that he not be deprived of supervision of CNN and the other cable networks that he had started.As you know-and she knows-I have been an avid admirer and supporter of her work. So as I suggested at the outset, you need not keep this to yourself, if the occasion arises to speak of it to someone.Everyone has heard me proclaim my sincere high regard for her as an artist. But she has published two brilliant novels since she's been with me and neither has gotten anywhere near the recognition that they richly deserve. But the multitude of small reflections of regard that came my way inevitably threw a spotlight on the absence of those expressions of regard for her. Then, in March, she nearly died from an intestinal blockage in Argentina while on a trip with Ted. But the loss has been happening through many years of our shared struggle to make her whole. This is best anyway, since I am not up to the task of telling this story over and over.

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