Who is kristanna loken dating 2016

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Kristanna Loken: Terminator 3: Kristanna Loken's big break came from the role of a robot ' T-X' who takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She worked out and bulked up for the role, gaining 15 pounds of muscle weight.

Coming out" data-reactid="50"Coming out An open and honest interviewee, Loken revealed that she had been in relationships with women before she married Danby and after they split 18 months later in 2009, she started dating her female personal trainer.“I think for me, really, everybody is so quick to attach a label,” she told After at the time.

“If you’re with a man, now you’re considered straight. I think labels are very confining and restrictive, and I think people should just be able to be happy with the person they choose, regardless of the gender and the title.”She also spoke about the need for people in same sex relationships to speak up.“I’ve had problems with people I’ve been with who haven’t necessarily fully accepted themselves or have been afraid of what the public would think.

Having an uber cool, model girlfriend like Cara Delevingne means that Michelle Rodriguez has a certain level of 'fashion' to keep up with.Most of us own a decent leather jacket - whether new or vintage - to turn to when we want to go all cool, and Michelle is no exception.She’s best known for facing off against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003’s ‘Terminator 3: Rise Of Machines’, but what happened to actress Kristanna Loken after Judgement Day?Kristanna made her film debut in 1997 with her role as Linda Baker in the film Academy Boyz.In 1994, she first appeared in the CBS soap opera As the World Turns as Danielle Andropoulos.

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