Who is john mcenroe dating

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The young man is the son of John Mc Enroe, who won three Wimbledon men's singles titles but was as famous in his heyday for his foulmouthed tantrums, and his first wife Tatum O'Neal.

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"Too often there was anger and distance, instead of intimacy," he writes."It wasn't as though she was saying: 'Let's do drugs.' I was the guilty party also.Tatum has written that her family "was fractured in a stew of drama, drugs, violence and tragedy".Her father's marriage to actress Joanna Moore crumbled when she was two, and she and her younger brother Griffin moved to a ramshackle ranch with their mother.But Ryan, a stormy character who later knocked out two of Griffin's teeth in a brawl and even fired a gun at him, wasn't very interested in parenting. His father was a New York lawyer and both parents pushed him hard.He used to drop Tatum off at director Stanley Kubrick's house for months on end and didn't even show up when she won her Oscar for Paper Moon, in which he also starred. It worked but he was terrible at losing in his sport, raging and weeping on court when things didn't go his way.

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