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Scott gets inside Alex’s head and sees everything but immediately forgets what he saw, when he exits Alex’s mind.

movies is currently being hospitalized for serious injuries after a shocking set accident on March 16.It basically makes her super nervous and embarrassed. "We're so funny about that with each other, like showing each other our stuff, our movies." But it's actually a good thing, as it's only because they respect each other so much as actors and they just don't want the other to see anything but their best. Now, Dylan is confirming that the feeling is mutual. "It's a very cute, endearing thing I guess, where we're shy about what the other one thinks because we love them... At 14, O'Brien began posting original videos onto his You Tube channel.With the videos developing, a local producer and director approached him about doing work for a web series of hers while in his senior year of high school.

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