Validating excel cells

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Each cell is highlighted as the value is spoken, and when you hear an error, you can stop to correct the error in that cell.To play back a group of cells: Note: To use Text to Speech, your computer must have a sound card installed and speakers attached.

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If youre trying to learn to use Microsoft Excel, try this online tutorial developed by Florida Gulf Coast University: To break a long text entry into separate lines, position the insertion point in the cell entry or on the Formula bar where you want the new line to start and press Alt Enter.

If you have a list of both large and small numbers, there's tension between rounding the small numbers to whole values and making the large numbers harder to read by adding two trailing zeros.

In this article, I'll describe how to add decimal places on demand by way of using a custom number format.

Value) Then c = c - 1 Exit For End If Next j Next i ' c now equals the unique item count put in the 12'th row Sheet1. Value = c End Sub Here is a VBA function that works for me. Using it in VBA, it apparently automatically handles the need to be an array formula.

It's also one of the most compact solutions I've seen.

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