Updating into string functions

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At that point it'd be easier to write a one-off script to select the fields, manipulation in the client, then write back.

The following formula can be used to extract the Nth item in a delimited list, in this case the 3rd item "ccccc" in the example comma separated list.select replace(substring(substring_index('aaa,bbbb,ccccc', ',', 3), length(substring_index('aaa,bbbb,ccccc', ',', 3 - 1)) 1), ',', '') ITEM3The above formula does not need the first item to be handled as a special case and returns empty strings correctly when the item count is less than the position requested.

You might have to erase certain parts of a string, you might have to split one string into several or maybe you need to replace certain words with different words.

Luckily, the Map Basic language comes with a number of functions that can be used for searching thru strings and extracting parts from strings.

First you need to locate the records that are using the abbreviation.

We can use a condition like this: The Right$( ) function extracts a number of characters from the right of the text.

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