Trend scanmail not updating

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On the next screen you will get asked for the location of your exchange server, simply browse to in then click next to continue.

If you cannot locate the server then it is most likely the local firewall on the exchange server.

You will now be asked what website you would like trend scanmail to be installed into. if you require all information to be encrypted between the web console and the scanmail server then select the SSL option.

Scanmail will now go away and try to connect to your exchange server to make sure your server has the correct requirements before installing.

Setup will restart from the beginning Net Frame work fails from the Server Manager Instead, I imported the Windows 2012 r2 server ISO into the VM and ran the powershell command line Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename: Net Fx3 /All /Source: D:\sources\sxs /Limit Access Where D is the ISO drive name where Windows is.My environment does not have an edge server, so ill be installing into the standard roles of Hub and Mailbox.If you have and edge server the install into that to keep the spam etc outside your network.Restarted the Trend Micro Setup and the setup is working I already have copied the setup files on my mailbox servers, in my scenario I have 2 mail box servers which I am going to install it on.I will launch the setup and go through the following wizard As I mentioned earlier, I am planning to install it on Exchange 2013 Mailbox servers, so I will go ahead and choose Mailbox servers I will click Browse and Add exchange servers and as in the following snapshot it'll show me total server count Next I will type the Exchange Admin account which I used to setup Exchange with and login to the admin Center which is also a local admin.

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