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Based in Barcelona, Grupo Damm produces world class styles of beers for both domestic and export markets.Estrella Damm, Daura Damm, and Inedit Damm are three of the world-class beers that are currently sold in the US market.Beginning in the 17th Century they were coveted by European aristocracy.Scarce and expensive, Castile soap set the standard for all luxury soaps from that time forward.Don't be surprised to see scantily clad girls of all ages in tiny bikinis and often topless. If you are here on business then you would do well to dress the same, despite the heat. etc as well as some local shops that sell high quality clothing.

It is unclear what the Spanish think of scantily clad holiday-makers but it is not acceptable in small villages, away from the coast.

There are no high-rise hotels here but ample apartments for rent. Along the waterfront is a wide variety of restaurants and bars, topped with apartments looking out over the boats although there are very few shops in the port.

The port was once described as the next Puerto Banus.

Can you think of anything that brings back more exotic memories of Spain than the classic scents of their famous soaps and colognes?

Made of pure natural ingredients, without detergents or fillers, Spanish health and beauty products have always been highly valued.

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