Slow updating on l d

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Always use the timeline to identify your bottlenecks before spending time optimizing one sort of operation.

In the same fashion as previous articles on this blog covering various Lync and Skype for Business devices like the VVX desktop phones or the CX5500 Round Table camera this article outlines the various ways that the Trio 8800 can be upgraded.Both the compiler flags playing and performance analysis suggest that my first guess (the slowing down being related to matrix inversions, LAPACK, etc.) was wrong.It rather seems that the slowing down is in a part of the code where no heavy linear algebra is performed. It looks like MSoft is trying to download 148 multi-megabyte updates simultaneously, which is why it is so slow. Can't they send them 5 or 10 at a time and speed the progress up?Cant they prioritize which ones are more important?

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