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Public transportation is excellent too, enabling you to see a lot in a relatively short time.

Below is my “48 hours in Hong Kong” itinerary, hitting the best HK sights and experiences.

heck out any Hong Kong guidebook or website and you’ll probably find a long list of tourist attractions and experiences. It’s true that there’s a lot to do and see in the area.

But the good news is that, geographically, the HK area is compact (for example, most of the action on HK island is concentrated on the northern end).

I loved it, seriously this series makes me so happy.

For a start it gives new authors a helping hand to get out there and find a readership, second it gives people like me who like a bit or a lot of strange with their reading a very satisfying go to place.

He overcomes his fear, but finds a twisted sexuality in its place.

His attraction to the spider affects all areas of his life, and changes everything he thought he knew.

I read and reviewed Arachnophile last year in November when the latest books in the new bizarro author series had been released.

Arachnophile was a beautiful strange entertaining read that I highly recommend checking out.

If you are a bizarro fan you’ll love it and if you are new to bizarro its a great place to start.

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