Sexual failures dating

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At the start of the film, Waitt contacts all his old girlfriends, many of whom had dumped him for reasons he had never come to terms with.What follows are scenes of chaotic phoning around, wandering round the streets of Edinburgh, turning up on exes’ doorsteps pretty much unannounced and, as doors slam shut and phones are put down, it doesn’t look like the film will go anywhere. ‘I didn’t think about it that much and thought it would be over quite quickly; a few phone calls, a bit of detective work and there we are. I did a calculation and thought if each of my exes spoke to me for five minutes, I’ve got a film.From the Portugese girl for whom he learnt the ukulele, to the coffee date girl and the gorgeous Russian blonde, to all the Australian girls with their sexy accents (damn skippy). Particularly if you've been through the pitfalls of modern hook ups and dating – like getting dumped by Facebook relationship status, or getting cock-blocked right at that pivotal moment.

Chris is a loser in love who's been jilted by every woman he's been out with. Armed with a camera and a microphone, Chris sets out to interview all the girls he's ever dated in an effort to find out their reasons for dumping him. Making A Complete History of My Sexual Failures involved pain, embarrassment, S&M, legal battles and impotence for filmmaker Chris Waitt.He opens up to Georgina Wilson-Powell If someone gave you money to interview all your exes and find out what you did wrong in those relationships, would you do it?But by the final bit, an excruciating blow-by-blow account of an extended text conversation, you start thinking he's just another self-absorbed twat. He clambers over chairs and gets all groin-in-face to really smash that performer/audience barrier.And he is gifted at reading and responding to the crowd.

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