Richard armitage dating anyone 78 rpm record dating

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For our friends across the pond -- what's the take on that raven-haired hunk Richard Armitage? Considered a good actor - and a possible movie star -- or just another handsome tv man? He caused something of a national sensation in the UK when he starred in the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's "North & South" a few years back--it was the biggest thing of that sort since Colin Firth became so popular as Mr. If you google them, you can find photos of them together. I believe he is straight and has a longtime live-in girlfriend, a certain Annabel Capper.Television viewers who associate him with double agent Lucas North in Spooks, nasty Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, or the character based on SAS man Andy Mc Nab in Sky One’s Strike Back would know different. Armitage is to play the tormented John Proctor in the playwright’s terrifying account of the 17th century Salem witch trials, in which Proctor’s adulterous relationship with a young woman sparks a vengeful chain of events that leads to the deaths of many.The Crucible is an unfolding nightmare of accusatory spite that is seen as an allegory of the anti-Communist witch trials in Hollywood in the 1950s.“It has lines that feel relevant in 1692, relevant in the Fifties, relevant today and relevant tomorrow, in 10 years, in 20 years, while we’re still destroying each other in the way that we do, in that insidious human way.” He promises that acclaimed director Yael Farber’s production will be a full-blooded affair.“You can’t play this story without addressing sexuality in this particular society in this time, the masculinity of the men, the femininity of the women, the vulnerability of prepubescent girls.The latter, who plays the deputy chief in the CIA's…

Whether it's a current relationship or past I don't know.

Richard is mentioned first in the cast list and the article gives some insight in the production team's work and creative decisions. has been acquired by RLJ Entertainment for distribution in US movie theaters - let's hope an international release will be forthcoming! Pictures of Richard filming with James Corden have been published on Just Jared and here is a video showing James Corden with a suitcase malfunction! A 24 minute discussion between Richard and the author David Hewson is here on You Tube, which is a very interesting discussion on the writing and recording process.

And there is also an interview with Richard about the audiobook, on the Audible site (with a large picture of Richard which you can click to enlarge and save below - hello new desktop background) and also on You Tube. Richard's narration of has been nominated for a 2017 Audie Award for Literary Fiction & Classics.

Yael is cooking something which at the moment feels like it’s - and should be - too hot to handle.” Armitage is a noticeably calm presence but he talks with passion.

I ask him how it feels to be facing The Crucible’s agonising climax over and over for the next couple of months.

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