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Not everyone stood their ground in the melee: Some warriors broke and ran, and were struck down from behind.

Author Andrew Curry discusses his story on a major Bronze Age battle on this podcast interview When the fighting was through, hundreds lay dead, littering the swampy valley. How warriors were equipped for battle: Select a number to find out more.

About 3200 years ago, two armies clashed at a river crossing near the Baltic Sea.

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Nickell is Senior Research Fellow for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) and writes regularly for their journal, the Skeptical Inquirer.

By plotting a graph of count-rate against time the half-life can be seen on the graph.

This would also work if you plotted the number of parent atoms against time.

In 2002 he was one of a number of experts asked by scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

to evaluate the authenticity of the manuscript of Hannah Crafts' The Bondwoman's Narrative (1853–1860), possibly the first novel by an African-American woman.

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