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In addition, most law enforcement agencies have not had the training to recognize the serious nature of cyberstalking, or on how to investigate these offenses.Unfortunately, some yet-to-be-enlightened officers have recommended to victims that they either turn off their computers, or that they call law enforcement again if the cyberstalkers confront or threaten them offline, in person. One of the most common forms of harassment is unsolicited hate mail, or obscene or threatening e-mail.This is all possible through a new premium service offered by ASHA called Person2Person.Person2Person puts you in the driver seat on when you talk to our staff and for how long.Therefore, an estate cannot sue you for publishing private facts about a dead person, unless your publication took place before the person in question died.Note, however, that members of a dead person's family may be able to sue in their own right if you disclose private facts that relate to them too.

A cyberstalker can also post messages in newsgroups to start malicious rumors.In addition, the law protects you if you publish information already exposed to the public eye and especially material obtained from publicly available court records.Despite the law's substantial protections for legitimate reporting on matters of public interest, it is a good practice to obtain consent before publishing sensitive private information about someone.Watch the video to the right to learn more about it.This paid service enables you to bypass the long waits experienced on ASHA’s free STI helpline.

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