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Just like they eliminated the police task force that investigated money laundering in BC Casinos after it issued a dammed report about how bad it was. When the government gets rid of a police task force after it successfully disrupted an organized crime ring. Nevertheless, Operation Skeletor is clearly the most successful undercover police operation in the history of the province.

After sabotaging future operations, Pat Fogarty the second rose up once again trying to convince us that the Hells agels aren't a problem in BC any more. They should be promoting people involved with that not clowns like Bill Fordy.

While she can't imagine enjoying any job more, Carolina also loves to garden, cook, and raise her two daughters with her husband, the local brew master. He started as the aboriginal intern, before transitioning into a researcher, then associate producer, reporter, and co-host.

After a couple of years of hauling stories in from the coast of Prince Rupert, Robert moved to Prince George where is now producer and co-host. Robert loves the north, and is passionate about northern issues.

It was a huge stolen car ring tied directly to the Hells Angels.

Tragically but not surprisingly, after they did such a great job on those two busts Christy clark's government cutting funding to the Gang Task force and gor rid of the OMGU.

We even added tidbits under “Grown-up Guide” especially for you!

Appreciating that the best scientific studies also reference multiple data points, I thought Kate would approve of us examining a wider variety of Royals in our review (in this case, a WWKD Princess Preparation Table comparing the backgrounds of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Princess Letizia of Spain, Autumn Kelly, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie of Luxemburg*, Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark) and so without further ado…





Carolina has produced radio stories across Canada, including in her home town of Victoria.

He lives in Prince George with his wife and three beautiful daughters.

Wil Fundal loves telling stories, especially about northern B. He moved to Prince George in 2006 after working stints in Metro Vancouver in television, and the Southern Interior working for private radio.

Recently, I gifted her with one of the WWKD onesies declaring that her daughter was surely to be “Prince George’s Future Wife”.

While discussing the rumours of Kate having a poster of William on her walls in school and the baby’s need for at least Commonwealth lineage, I got carried away in planning this little girl’s schooling, extracurricular activities and social training in order to have her be best prepared the possibility of a regal future.

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