Mens fashion dating advice

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A key piece within any man's wardrobe, the polo can be dressed up or down effortlessly.

On top, go for the classy and timeless dress shirt. Try to look refined and avoid to look like you’re trying hard too much.

Movie date A dream date is not synonymous to a dinner date at the ritziest restaurant in town, so it’s perfectly OK if you want to take your date for a movie.

If you’re the type of guy who dresses sharply, make some effort while choosing what to wear, although try not to go overboard as if you’re competing with the well-dressed male characters in the movie.

And I'm assuming my clothes should play a part in all this. Maybe whatever's working for the rest of the nocturnal predators and after-sunset adventurers.

Let's aim low: I want to wake up naked next to a girl with whom I share something minor in common, and have her look at me with some minor expression that's not regret.

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