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Saudis observe such segregation even at home, where they have separate living rooms for male and female guests.

The television segment begins with Abdul-Jawad apparently talking about the first time he had sex — at age 14 with a neighbor.

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I hope for a law regulating the conditions of slaves because we cannot tolerate that our men fall in the disgusting taps of adultery.

The sex ratio among Saudi and non-Saudi population was 126.9% in 1992 and 113.6% in 1974. The author identifies the factors that might affect the sex ratio as migration, misreporting, wars, and differential mortality by sex.

The sex ratio of the total population favors males because of the large number of non-Saudi male laborers. The decline in the sex ratio during 1974-92 might be due to inaccuracies in the data, awareness of the importance of accurate reporting, or a decrease in the female mortality rate due to improvements in standard of living. In 1992 the non-Saudi population was 4,624,459, of which 70.4% were males.

Authorities have closed an office of an Arab TV station after it broadcast an interview with a Saudi man speaking frankly about sex and showed off erotic toys, a Saudi official said Sunday.

Abdul-Rahman al-Hazza, the spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Information, told The Associated Press that the office of LBC, a Lebanese-based satellite TV station, in the western city of Jiddah was closed because of the program and because it is unlicensed. The Saudi man, Mazen Abdul-Jawad, has been in detention since last Friday.

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