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Brian Greene is one of the world’s leading theoretical physicists and a brilliant, entertaining communicator of cutting-edge scientific concepts.

A Professor of Physics and of Mathematics at Columbia University, Greene has been described by -- which have collectively sold over two million copies, been translated into more than 40 languages, and spent 65 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

A selection committee comprised of actors, directors and playwrights determined the winning script through a blind selection process.

The finalists for last year’s award were Michael Aman’s In an ongoing effort to recognize excellence in playwriting, Abingdon established the Christopher Brian Wolk Award, which has been presented annually, since 2001, to a writer of a full-length play not yet produced in New York City.

On 17 January 2017, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) confirmed that a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) had been reached with Rolls-Royce, the British aero-engineering company.

Approval was given at a hearing before Sir Brian Leveson QC, President of the Queen’s Bench Division.

Summary On 17 January 2017, Sir Brian Leveson QC approved a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) between the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and two Rolls-Royce entities.

(Click the links for our articles on those earlier DPAs.) Background This matter concerned conduct by Rolls-Royce plc and, to a lesser extent, its Delaware incorporated subsidiary, Rolls-Royce Energy Systems Inc (together RR).

Under the DPA, which has a term of up to five years, Rolls-Royce must disgorge tainted profits and pay a substantial penalty sum along with the SFO’s costs, all totalling over £½ billion. Rolls-Royce “” for conduct that first caught the SFO’s attention in 2012 as a result of internet postings by whistle-blowers.

Although it had not self-reported, a key factor in the court’s willingness to approve the DPA was Rolls-Royce’s “” with the SFO throughout the investigation, including making available the product of lengthy and wide internal investigations.

Under the terms of the DPA with the SFO, Rolls-Royce will pay £497,252,645.

In addition, Rolls-Royce has agreed to make payments to the DOJ totalling 9,917,710 and to the MPF totalling ,579,179. Seeking a DPA A DPA can only officially begin when a designated prosecutor invites any company under investigation to enter into negotiations as an alternative to prosecution.

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