Intimidating experience

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(Which is why there are numerous online and published lexicons.) This jargon certainly seems calculated to defeat good communication.Just try rolling your mouth around words like arbitrage, fungible, delta, Chinese wall, quantitative easing, stagflation, and feathering.I am 52 now and have always wondered why my first impression to folks is intimidation. It seems wierd that because I am comfortable with being who I am that it should be viewed as a threat to anyone.My wife tells me that when I walk in a room that I am immedaitly noticed... Most of my friends have told me that before they really knew me they felt intimidated and were cautious...

I find their intimidating aura shrinks when you just have more experience with them.

What's the most intimidating experience you have ever had? Now curators at a major museum have a pretty exalted status and tend to be rather cerebral and just a bit precious.

Starting a brand new job heading up the marketing team at one of the big prestigious museums in London, my friend was introduced to one of the curators.

I really used to not know what people were talking about when my friends (once they got to know me well) informed me that they were soooooooo intimidated by me "at first." I guess I have a pretty blunt personality and a pretty sarcastic and biting sense of humor and I never realized this until my friends really made me take a step back and look at my behavior. almost 6 foot tall blonde with an athletic, but slim, build my blunt personality that can intimidate not only other females, but especially men.

Men also apparently find me unapproachable- unless they've had a few drinks in them..

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