Internet robot chat for adults

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Pretty much all existing Android apps will work on KEECKER.With KEECKER, the image is no longer bound to a screen, the image is everywhere you want. For the first time ever KEECKER allows you to transform your decoration, to create ambiances, to change the color of your walls, displays paintings, art, or anything you can imagine.From your smartphone, simply ask KEECKER to project a piece of art or a movie on your living room walls, a recipe on your fridge, fun images on your kid’s bedroom ceiling or photos from your trip to Bali on your dining room wall and it’s done. Aside from its multiple entertainment capabilities, KEECKER provides you with home analytics (temperature, humidity, CO2 level and more) and for security purposes so you can check in and see your home remotely from anywhere in the world.The Bing team developed a similar conversational bot, Xiao Ice, for the Chinese market, back in 2014.Microsoft execs dubbed Xiao Ice "Cortana's little sister," after the Redmond, Washington, company's voice-activated Cortana personal assistant software.

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