Innovation speed dating

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Towards the end of Fall, student who choose to continue onto the Spring course (ACCT541) will form teams (of 4 to 6 each) and submit a proposal for a hedge fund product. The readings focus on research design, and key theories, themes and approaches from the accounting, finance, economics and psychology literature.

In the Fall quarter, we will cover some of the foundational skills needed to build and manage a portfolio of public stocks. The course readings include recent theoretical and empirical papers. Course topics include market efficiency, the role of accounting in providing information to investors, anomalies, alternative sources of information, accounting measurement attributes, earnings management, earnings quality, and the role of auditors in the provision of information to The course is interdisciplinary in nature.

In 1980, TI introduces its first commercial single-chip digital signal processors (DSP) and produces a microprocessor optimized for high-speed digital signal processing.

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The goal of the event is to pair Faurecia and other industry players with potential partners that can provide an expanded range of technological solutions on the road to the car of the future.

It will be a confidential and bilateral but not too formal meeting, where we mutually grow wiser on our respective interests and expertise.

All suggested solutions will of course be handled with confidentiality.

To begin with, we are looking for solutions to the technical innovation challenges. Therefore, we invite companies, manufacturers, research institutions, entrepreneurs, and others who combine professional insight with new thinking to help us solve the 15 innovation challenges outlined in the innovation strategy for Marselisborg Re Water.

Developing the world’s most resource efficient WWTP cannot be done by using (only) existing knowledge, technologies and solutions. The starting point for this journey is a series of 1:1 meetings open to anyone who has products, services, and knowledge to meet one or more of the innovation challenges.

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