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For example, using an HTML 4.01 DOCTYPE, bgcolor="fffff" is accepted as valid for the "body" element even though the value "fffff" is missing a preceding '#' character and contains only five (instead of six) hexadecimal digits.

Also, for the "img" element, width="really wide" is also accepted as valid.

Mark-up validators cannot see the "big picture" on a web page, but they excel at picking up missed closing tags and other technicalities.

DTD-based validators are also limited in their ability to check attribute values according to many specification documents.

* * * * Only immediate host properties can automatically trigger side-effects.

Once you're familiar with that process, you may install this plugin with this command: Default value: `` Helps to skip certain w3c errors messages from validation.

CSS is quite simple to discover from the regular open supply web sites.

W3C also provides all the guide notes for the assist of designers once they use CSS language in the content setting of their web pages.

If they find invalid HTML or XHTML code – meaning code that does not follow the official rules, you might be removed from their indexes.

If there is an error on your web page code, robots will stop searching your whole websites content.2.

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