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Up to 1 or 2 illustrations related to your game can be submitted.They should clearly state what game they belong to (again, remove older ones)If old demos or screenshots are not removed, new submissions concerning the game will be rejected!Admins may delete older deviations from the gallery to keep the folder clean of spam. Anyone who finds that these bugs are too much to handle may feel free to stop playing the game at any moment. (okay I'll stop now...sorry)I'm spending all my hobby time on this :3The Demo is out now and I am currently working on ACT I which should be released sometime soon...hopefully?If you wish to pursue a romance with them, then have at it! 1)Say your name 10 times 2)Say your mom's name 5 times 3)Say your crush's name 3 times4)Paste this onto 4 other games If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.So it should also be known that no bugs will be fixed with the first Hetalia game.

I will not tolerate people being rude because their favorite character did not show up in this game A new game is being created, and the plot is a lot better than this game (yes, this game was meant to be stupid, silly, and whimsical, I thought it fit the Hetalia vibe to make everything silly.) And so far I have the following characters that will be present in this next game:1. How would you feel if some random stranger came up to you and started making fun of your baby? I made this game out of the goodness of my heart and I'm not a Flash professional, if you have concerns or you just want to be mean, I would kindly suggest that you buy your own Flash (not a cheap program by the way) and make a Hetalia Dating Game yourself. She walked away with tears in her eyes The boy grabbed her arm Boy: Your not pretty..beautiful Boy: I dont want to be with u forever... I love u Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away...... Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me Girl: I will...*Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they loves u*Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm*Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!! Okay, this game is cute and all, and I do appreciate all the hard work you put into it, but that last bit in the description about copyright and "you should go kill yourself"... I'm here to give you just a quick update about what I've been doing.There will be a prologue (a quite long one,too), several acts, and in each act you will meet more countries and have different quests/storylines. I started to actually program it as a visual novel but became too lazy, and also didn't want to make a bunch of art. I can't wait to see what the finished product will be like!For example in the prologue you're just kind of going around figuring stuff out, but in Act I there will be a mystery/horror quest, and in Act II there will be another themed quest. All I could find was a decent flash game and I already knew that Himaruya had intended to create a game like this where you play as Seychelles (ew. If you have the RTP or have played or made RPG Maker games before, use this link:4Shared Download: Gakuen Hetalia Dating Sim Download Link Media Fire Download: Gakuen Hetalia Dating Sim Download Link If you do not have the RTP (have never played RPG Maker games on your computer before) or don't know what I'm saying when I say this, then use this download instead. Also, I don't know if you take suggestions to improve the game, but I was thinking maybe allow the player to create their own avatar, or something.Make sure they are very different from each other and relevant.Screenshots for games that are a work-in-progress (WIP) must be submitted to the "Projects Development" folder.

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