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Marie then took on the part of Yolanda in the 2001 film Tortilla Soup. In October 2007, she launched her own clothing line, "The Constance Marie Collection".

In the summer of 2011, Marie had a starring role on ABC Family's drama Switched at Birth, playing the birth mother one of the girls and de facto mother of the other.

Birth Name: Constance Marie Birth Place: East Los Angeles, California, United States Date of Birth: September 9, 1965 What Race or Ethnicity: Mexican-American The American actress is most famous for her role as Angie Lopez on the series George Lopez.

She is considered one of the most recognized Latina celebrities at the moment.

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Everything becomes a mess when president George Bush comes to speak at the factory: Benny has started dating a younger man without telling George, Carmen disrupts the president's speech, and George steals the speech, which results in the Secret Service paying a trip to his home.

Constance Marie was chosen for the role of Angie Lopez on the TV comedy series George Lopez.

She played the ever faithful wife of the titular character, who had to deal with her exigent marriage, her husband's happy go lucky approach to parenthood, her mother-in-law's wisecracks and other complications.

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