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When’s the last time you checked your credit report? The National Foundation for Credit Counseling's 2014 Financial Literacy Survey revealed that in spite of being able to obtain an annual free copy of their credit report from Annual Credit, 65% of Americans had not ordered their credit report in the past 12 months.

That’s risky, because undetected errors on your credit report can cost valuable credit-score points and contribute to loan denials – and higher interest rates if you approved for a credit card or loan.

You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Full of information to help improve your own credit score.

But the first step to taking that much-needed look is understanding exactly what you’re looking at. Scores A credit report and credit score have very different objectives, says Gail Cunningham, a spokesperson for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Worth everyone of the five stars I've given it." "A superb service, particularly like the newly added features, would recommend it to all - have already recommended it to all friends and believe it's free...up the good work." "This is a great website for checking your credit score and reveiwing all the actions you have taken financially. Clear Score has enabled me to enjoy the fruits of my labour and I have recommended it to many friends." "I recently rejoined Clear Score as my partner mentioned that she was using it and it is free.

I must say what a wonderful service it is and keeps you up to date with what is happening with one’s credit score and apply for credit if needed in emergency.

Here are seven mythical monsters that need slaying: Your credit report is just a file that contains a list of your past and present accounts, along with a record of how you've managed them.

That's mostly based on lenders reporting to credit bureaus on amounts you owe and payments you make.

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