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Yet this country created a productive teaching and learning system by expanding access while investing purposefully in ambitious educational goals using strategic approaches to build teaching capacity.

I use the term “teaching and learning system” advisedly to describe a set of elements that, when well designed and connected, reliably support all students in their learning.

There are many cats who have this who aren’t Bengals.

Regular tabby cats can have spotty or marbled fur too – here’s our very own Robbie cat showing off his spots!

Learning to wear a bra, makeup, date boys, all that - everything other girls learn at age 13. Most of the time society hates us - people think we're freaks or whatever - so you're doing all this alone.

And it can be really hard." For the vast majority of western MTF's, transitioning is in fact an enormous challenge, and probably the most stressful time of their life.

Emily De Salvo (formerly Stephano) failed to win a place at the prestigious Tito Schipa Conservatory as a male baritone.

To imagine how that might be done, one can look at nations that started with very little and purposefully built highly productive and equitable systems, sometimes almost from scratch, in the space of only two to three decades.

As an example, I am going to briefly describe how Finland built a strong educational system, nearly from the ground up.

Finland was not succeeding educationally in the 1970s, when the United States was the unquestioned education leader in the world.

So in our quest to identify whether your cat is a Bengal or not, let’s first examine what coat patterns are unique to a Bengal cat, whether spotted or marbled…

If your cat doesn’t display these features, then they are not a pedigree Bengal.

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