Firefox keeps updating

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Moreover if you need to reinstall it, you would need to download the latest setup from internet and then install it.

This post is specially for users who are low on bandwidth (in countries like India).

If Firefox closes unexpectedly, or if an error dialog appears and Firefox closes, see Firefox crashes.

If Firefox hangs (stops responding or freezes), try the suggestions in this article.

Firefox new versions are released over time and it keeps on checking for updates by default.

It is recommended to keep this setting as it is because many security issues are also fixed in newer releases but it can be trouble some for dial up users.

[1] Alternatively, you can disable Hyper-Threading support for Firefox in Windows 2000 and later, as follows: Right-click the Firefox shortcut → Properties → Compatibility → Check "Run this program in compatibility mode" → Select "Windows 98/Windows ME" → OK.

We roll them out automatically, like clockwork, in the background. Firefox always wants to give you control over your Web experience.

If you know a new release is coming, and you want to check for it on your own, you can.

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The options menu only has "notify but do not update," with no way to turn them off completely.

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