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The period expired without petitioner remitting the proceeds of the sale or returning the pieces of jewelry.

180016, 29 April 2014 ♦ Decision, Peralta [J] ♦ Concurring and Dissenting Opinion, Sereno [J] ♦ Concurring and Dissenting Opinion, Leonen [J] ♦ Dissenting Opinion, Carpio [J] ♦ Dissenting Opinion, Abad [J] ♦ Concurring Opinion, Brion [J] Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURTBaguio City EN BANC G. They both agreed that petitioner shall remit the proceeds of the sale, and/or, if unsold, to return the same items, within a period of 60 days.

The accounting of "funds stolen" in this matter excludes inflation, interest, time invested, opportunity cost, and falsely reported balances.

The interpretation of the laws do not consider time value of money when reimbursing lost funds.

They have completely misrepresented their services and available clientele.

After signing onto their service I went on a total of “SEVEN” Matched Meetings.

It’s certainly not our role to battle fakes forever! If you’ve had experiences with IJL, good or bad, please share them below.They have completely failed to provide even 10% of what was described to me by their then number one “Matchmaker” through numerous phone calls and meetings.“Ten years of ethical practices, a commitment to privacy, and a guarantee that when we say you can find a relationship on your terms, we mean it. The It’s Just Lunch franchise dating service website calls itself the “the first date specialists,” and claims to “arrange quality lunch dates and drinks after work for busy professionals in a discreet, no-pressure setting.” Its claim to fame is the exclusive nature of its high-calibre clients and its extensive, personal matching process. Tami, who claims to be a bikini model, definitely thinks It’s Just Lunch is a scam, and she’s trying to get her 00 fee refunded. Tami states: I am demanding a full refund from “It’s Just Lunch”.

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