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After Juuso Nisula finished his studies in Germany, he published the following article on his blog. Looking for chances to develop my character as well as my resume, I found a great international study program on my home university's web page. All the info I had was really promising, and that's what I based my decision upon. I did my Bachelor's at Aalto University, Finland, and spent a semester abroad at Fudan University, China.

If you are an exchange student, send us your personal experiences in Germany via mail to [email protected], either in German or English. Both institutions had their perks and quirks, but in general I had been happy about the education I'd gotten in each – challenging studies and easy studying, as it should be.

Good command of German is an important prerequisite to successfully complete your studies at TUM.

Proof of sufficient German language skills must be submitted before the end of the application period for all degree programs whose language of instruction is German.

This suite may contain extra features, please call the hotel for more details.

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double your dating auf deutsch-48

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