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That top-dog status is being cemented with a “Ned’s Declassified” TV movie (airing Friday), one in which viewers will finally learn whether Ned and Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, his protector, best friend and confidante – and his would-be, could-be, probably-should-be girlfriend – will finally become a couple. “It’s almost like a cartoon, and kids love that,” says Daniel Lee Curtis, 16, whose portrayal of Cookie also has let him pass under the celebrity radar.

Hiding behind gadgety glasses, this teenager of a thousand facial expressions (all of them geeky) is all but unrecognizable when he switches to his real identity.

As soon as the show Pretty Little Liars started, people fell in love with Shaw’s hunky character of Paige and her on-screen romance with Emily (Shay Mitchell).

The actress believes that their lesbian roles play important role in LGBT community and gay and lesbian people who haven’t been able to come out of the cocoon.

After two seasons of slowly building an audience, “Ned’s Declassified” has become this season’s breakout hit among the 14-and-under set, regularly landing in the Top 5 among live-action kids shows watched by that age group. I really can’t,” says Lindsey Shaw, 18, who plays Moze. There are bright, colors, quick cuts and camera effects that sometimes have Ned, Moze and Cookie, their nerdy comrade in arms, racing through the halls of their fictional James K. Shown in back-to-back segments of 15 minutes each, the 30-minute show doesn’t try so much to tell a story as lift chapters from Ned’s survival guide, which he describes in first-person to the camera as the chaos his advice invariably creates unfolds all around him.

Despite playing a lesbian character in the top rated ABC drama, she is straight and has dated several men in her past.

She is currently single but has had boyfriends at certain point of her life.

When you think about it, the world of Hollywood is really quite small. Nick Jonas Disney sweethearts Selena and Miley both dated Nick Jonas.

It's therefore pretty unsurprising that actors and actresses working on the same projects sometimes end up dating the same person. Way before she was twerking in a nude-colored thong all over an MTV podium, she dated the Jonas brother in 2006, before breaking up in 2007.

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