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It is my core material, the foundation for everything else that goes into becoming the man you always wanted to be.

Have you ever wondered why a job didn't work out, why one didn't inspire you, or why you haven't yet found that ONE single mission in life you were meant to do with your time here?

And when you’re RIGHT more often than others, you can get ahead in many situations.

Paul - Mind OSOne of the best books I have read so far about self improvement.

David De Angelo is an attractive man, especially compared to some of the famously unattractive stars of the seduction community (Ross Jeffries, Neil Strauss, etc.).The operating system of our minds is presented as Mind OS, a system for solving emotional issues and reaching goals.Based on diagrams in actual psychology, Mind OS explains hard core science concepts.one who's always in control and always knows exactly what to say and do to succeed with amazing women and in life? The information I'm about to share is the key to the success that you've been looking for... You simply need to admit to yourself that for some reason you can't get yourself to TAKE ACTION to start succeeding. For your whole life, you've had feelings and emotional memories buried in your unconscious mind (also known as FEARS) that have literally forced you to keep making the wrong critical judgments and decisions. For example, maybe you'll be talking to a woman in line at the store, and you'll realize that you should get her email and phone number... Simply put: there are simple ways that we can can "fix" our inner and outer problems... Here's another simple example, see if it sounds familiar... You get freaked out by your fear and other emotions, and you blow it. and it all begins with just one question: Right now... but right before you ask, a BAD FEELING comes over you and you decide not to ask her. You see a girl you'd like to approach, or you're on a date with a woman and you want to kiss her... So what's the answer here, and how am I going to help you fix this?

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