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and for the record, he is now the self-proclaimed “Prince of the White Girls.” All Hip Of course there has been all type of controversy surrounding the interview you did with us. Do you view the idea of a woman being submissive as negative? I got a lot of positive feedback on the My Space page, and emails, and on the IM (Instant Messenger). All Hip So do you stand by your statements? All Hip I think people viewed the Black women not being submissive comment as a negative thing.abruptly cancels amsterdam concert at last moment due to 'extreme food poisoning after eating bad sushi'.'war on coal' is over: president trump signs executive order to roll back obama-era environmental regulations.

But he’s been staying at her apartment now for about a week. tells reporter 'with an agenda' to stop shaking her head after she asks about how the administration can fix its russia problem.of soul: aretha franklin performed on soul train early in her career and called the loss of mr cornelius as 'downright shocking' today. They linked my comments about the Black family and Black women with the “King of the White Girls” and [the fact that] I dated White girls. So when I was comparing Black women to White women, that has zero to do with me dating White women. Ladies and gentlemen agreed, n****s and b******s got mad. Only thing where people got misled is that I said I prefer a White woman, and that’s not the case at all. It was a stage in my life when I started dating a lot of White women- that was just a stage in my life. I don’t base it off of any shade or color when I meet a girl now.

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