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Our mission is achievable through survivor-centered work that includes strategic partnerships and collaboration.

As advocates for social justice, we embrace the voices of diverse communities.

This finding is usually based on the petition for the divorce and one or both parties’ testimony at the final hearing.

If one party contests the grounds, the court is still required to make a finding that the marriage is irretrievably broken if it finds no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.

It is often significantly more expensive to hire counsel after the fact to try to fix a mistake than to hire an attorney at the time of the divorce to make sure all issues are addressed appropriately the first time. While the basis of the divorce may not be based on finding fault, a party’s misconduct can affect the property division, maintenance award, and custody and placement determinations depending on how that misconduct affected the family.These sessions for individuals are designed to Re Define who you are so you can move forward in your life and in your relationships.Individuals are those who are single and looking for love, someone having challenges in a current relationship, or are separated/divorced.Since each case is different, the cost of each case varies significantly.The cost depends on many factors including the number of hearings, the types of issues included, the nature of assets of one or both parties, whether a guardian ad litem is appointed to represent the children’s best interests, and whether the parties have reached agreements on some or all issues.

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