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Na No Ren O doesn’t really stand for anything; it just happens to bear a phonetic similarity to Na No Wri Mo (National Novel Writing Month), a “month long writing project” that takes place every november (think of it as a game jam for writers).“Ren” is a callout to Ren’py, the free visual novel software that serves as the engine for most Na No Ren O projects, which itself is a callout to Despite the name, Ren’py (the engine) and Na No Ren O (the game jam) don’t limit themselves to dating sim or romance games, and among the released titles, you can find a variety of experimental titles, from an otome game (or “game for girls”) about a female university student who spends her spring break with four sex demons. The game is rated 12 years and older due to it having “moderate violence“.It's 1997, and Jenny Mc Carthy appears behind a crowd of several dozen men in an MTV studio, wearing a tan lace-up shirt and grabbing her own ass. To understand dating-as-sport TV, we have to start with the date itself.One of the things I’ve always been surprised by is how Na No Ren O games always seem to find an audience.

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To determine a prospective partner’s compatibility, Roku Rendezvous uses a super-secret, proprietary Roku algorithm developed after analyzing the billons of hours Roku customers have spent streaming entertainment from the 2000 channels on the Roku platform.

Core's ideas use humour to leverage brand truths and dial up specific product features that illustrate the depth of human connections with real matches to real dates.

Says Christian Finucane, creative partner at Core: "The category is highly competitive and evolving, but after 18 years RSVP remains the most trusted brand for those looking for meaningful dates."The refreshed brand, 'Find a Keeper' tagline and new campaign reflects the changing way people are choosing to meet people and the spots highlight the everyday situations that are relatable to anyone who has been in the dating game."Says Lara Delahunty, senior marketing manager at RSVP: "RSVP is home-grown, modern, and captures the excitement of dating.

Most of the games that come out of Na No Ren O are what you might expect from a game jam: a collection of ideas from different creative, who decided to prioritize shipping a (technically) functional product over everything else.

The games are often limited in scope, sometimes featuring artwork or scripts that are incomplete; most successful projects are short in length, often offering a play experience between 5 and 20 minutes.

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