Dating for people with learning disabilities

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG ABOUT HAVING A LEARNING DISABILITY?? Both my children have learning disabilities in English. Learning disabilities are also considered an advantage.

Estimates in 1996 were that the total number of students identified ranged from 800,00 to as many as 2,000,000.not that such a mention was made for reasons of my own. those who I thought were my friends took it on themselves to humiliate her behind my back... she decided to no longer make the attendance If you count all the dissabilities/ medical/ emotional challenges that are out there... There are many facets and opinions on intelligence and what it comprises of.ITS almost 90% of people have something or another or will develop something or another... Before she met him and dated for awhile and found out...:) He'll be the guy that gets a limp and his wife will stick him in a home at 60..Or he'll pick a perfect 'now' woman who'll secretly be an axe murderer and get him when he's sleeping...thanks fiero i agree but he pretty much messaged her and said i think we are gonna have to cancel.. It seems a pity to be so narrow minded and miss out on perhaps a match.People have already stared to sign up and I’m hoping more people in the Lancaster and Morecambe area will want to get involved.”Meet ‘N’ Match officially launched at an exclusive party at Preston North End last month and the team are currently planning local events.Rachel added: “We have spoken to people about what activities they want to try out and people have suggested speed dating, comedy nights and quiz nights, so we are looking at how and where we can set these up, so that people with a learning disability can come along, meet new friends and have fun.”U-Night Group founder and chairman Sue Sharples, said: “Generally, people with a learning disability have limited opportunities to meet their peers and to form lasting connections.

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