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Research published by Scope today found that two thirds of the British public would feel uncomfortable talking to a disabled person, largely due to the fear of saying or doing something inappropriate.It also reveals a huge 76% have never invited a disabled person to a social occasion, and half have never started a conversation with someone who is disabled.'TEAR DOWN THE TABOOS': Scope's research, released today, reveals there's work still to do in breaking down the awkwardness The light-hearted delivery of Scope’s ‘End the Awkward’ campaign, inspired by disabled comedians such as Alex Brooker, Jack Carroll and Francesca Martinez, in part seeks to use humour to break the taboo to access a younger audience who may have had little to no exposure to disability on a personal level.

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Lipkin has already arranged two shows for elementary school students in University City.

All that remains is for the actors to memorize 30 minutes' worth of lines, songs and blocking, and rise to the dramatic challenge of playing characters vastly different from themselves.

Featuring slogans like ‘I love you (and it’s not just for the free parking)’ and ‘I’ve fallen head over wheels for you’, the set of four illustrated postcards are free with every purchase made at Scope’s Camden store, and are also available to share online.

Kieran Mc Mahon, Director of Disability Stockport said a lot of the discomfort was down to a lack of understanding and numerous myths and misconceptions which have yet to be properly tackled.

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