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I’m still struggling to understand why I’ve written three Paris Hilton stories this week. Or is this just a blip, a fading “celebrity” just trying to get attention at any cost? Yesterday, Radar claimed that after six months, Paris Hilton had been dumped by her Dutch boyfriend, DJ Afrojack. DJ Afrojack tweeted last night: Paris Hilton and Afrojack haven’t broken up — because they were never together!

Can Paris get dumped by a guy she was never really dating?

READ ALSO: Kendall and Kylie Are Literally Selling their Phone Numbers Back when Miley Cyrus was still in her “We Can’t Stop” era, she and Justin hung out all the Once upon a time in 2015, Miley Cyrus invited Ariana Grande over to her backyard to sit on an inflatable sofa, put on animal onesies and engage in some casual flirtation while also recording a song for charity.On Wednesday, reports claimed Hilton, 31, was dumped by Afrojack, 24, (real name: Nick van de Wall), but Hilton’s rep tells Us Weekly the stories are “100 percent not accurate and are coming from inaccurate sources.” “Paris and Afrojack are best friends and love and support each other very much,” her rep adds.“Nothing has changed.” Afrojack’s rep also tells Us the stories are “not true and nothing has changed between them.” Paris Hilton tweeted Wednesday, “DJ Afrojack is 1 of my best friends & always will be.Nick Leonardus van de Wall who is commonly known by his stage name Afrojack was born on 9 September 1987 in Spijkenisse, Netherlands. He spent most of his childhood in Netherlands and learned music there. He lived with his mother, Debbie who owned a local gym.Afrojack went on to study graphic designing and then left to pursue a career as a DJ/producer.

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