Dating advice for single pastors iranian online dating

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They would look crazy as a man or woman of God acknowledging somebody new every time they preach! It’s called knowing protocol and the posture of ministry. Do not start arguments before the man of God gets ready to minister…even while on consecration or preparing earlier in the week. Don’t get mad when the Holy Ghost shifts them and the power of God is still too strong after the service and they can’t go out to eat as promised. Don’t get mad when the Lord calls them to a shut in or seclusion and they can’t even explain why they can’t talk for several days. Ya’ll ain’t married he does not have to ask for your permission. You don’t have to call them praying everyday and laying hands to let them know you are are covering them.

Sometimes being a silent weapon in their lives is all they need. Don’t introduce yourself to all of their exes at the services while hanging on their arm to let everyone know you are the new piece! Don’t hang over their shoulder (unless asked) after service while they are fellowshipping and possibly still under the anointing ministering to people but you busy trying to get acknowledged. Stop over-killing trying to take bags, offer juice, tell them you’re going to crank the car, etc…(again trying to let people know you are dating) 14.

But beyond that, how do you know whom God wants you to marry? How can you know God’s will on this important decision?

I’d like to offer some practical advice to those who are single, based on Paul’s advice in 1 Corinthians 7.

He was writing to a church in a pagan, sex-saturated society.

On the other hand, your pastor will not be wearing any such rose colored glasses and will be able to give a more objective opinion of the situation.

In place of seeking Godly counsel may come an “I want what I want” type of attitude that often bucks up against the words of wisdom being offered by the man of God.

What He Might Say Perhaps one reason that some are hesitant to seek advice from their pastor is that, deep down, they know that the advice given might not be all positive.

It makes the message ineffective and looks like you brought your own amen corner! Don’t assume you have to work altars with the preacher just because you are dating him.

People know you are just yelling and amening because you are dating.

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