Dating a terminally ill person

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Critical to talking with someone who is dying is practicing the art of listening: be present and wait; or ask a question and wait. "People willing to share their thoughts on the possibilities of something more than this mortal life have been really helpful to me.Try to avoid offering instant solutions or pleasantries, instead saying, "That must be awful/gratifying/painful/frustrating/wonderful," or whatever single word fits. But I know others who want to dump their own religious certainties on me and that can be terribly offensive." The "just listen" admonition may be particularly appropriate here.On "several occasions", the court heard, Higgins gave Mrs Murray "false hope" that lungs were available for her operation.As a scrubs nurse called 'Squiby' she contacted the patient telling her to go nil by mouth, but later that evening a text followed saying the lungs were "too badly damaged" although "Ju tried for hours to save them".In her texts to Mrs Murray, Higgins described travelling around the world searching for donor organs, including a visit to Nice after the terrorist atrocity of July 14 last year.She invented new characters promoting her aid work overseas, the court heard.She said after a double mastectomy and gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, the side effects have become harsher and harder to ignore.'So that's 10 to 11 years of cancer treatment in a 40-year lifespan and I guess my organs are just saying, "No more.No more",' the mother-of-two told the Canberra Times.

"It was an ongoing relationship, mostly via text messages." The court heard Higgins invented different characters when she sent messages to Mrs Murray, of Hill Road, Swanage, who died in October last year.A later text claimed she was travelling with an aid convoy in Syria which came under attack."She claimed to be badly injured and even offered her lungs if she didn't make it," said Ms Reece.They have been collecting five cent coins for Love Your Sister's Big Heart Project, scheduled for May 10, with a view to using them to make a giant love heart.Schools around the country are already involved, hosting 'Five Cent Friday' as part of the initiative. She suffered bone cancer at age 11, a tumour in her womb at 22 and was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago.

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