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The knowing, conspiratorial writing and tricks, like the title character’s direct address to the camera, which usually feels like a riskier or stupider move, draw you into her world just far enough that the show’s narrative tricks and shocks — which start immediately and never stop; imagine “Mr.

Robot” and “Girls” had a hilarious, hideous baby — not only thrill the literary fan in you, but yank out your heart before they’re done. By zeroing in on so many nasty feelings — guilt, self-annihilation, shame — and balancing them out with a perfectly bright, acidic triumph, Waller-Bridge is able to do an end-run around a lot of the kind of “girls behaving badly” criticism for which the bar, when it’s a woman’s writing, is incredibly low.

Fleabag (which is how she’s listed in the credits, though no one refers to her by name onscreen), for example, is obsessed with the time her “uptight and beautiful and probably anorexic” sister Claire (Sian Clifford) got sloshed and took a dump where she wasn’t meant to. “Nothing is ever going to be better.” That Claire once opted for the wrong porcelain throne is, for Fleabag, a moment of rule-defying rawness that can never be buttoned away inside designer outerwear, no matter how intent her sibling is on pretending she’s now above bodily functions.

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As the show evolved, the three main stars left the show and the Being Human baton was passed on to a new generation of actors who have gone on to make their mark.Even when the whole point is that you’ve never seen anyone like them!It’s best to find them at the bottom of the arc of their fame, before they say the wrong thing in public or swerve right when you thought they were heading left — you can always tell who’s going to make it big by the particular flavor of their first fans’ ardor, and now with both Amazon and Netflix cosigning Brit genius Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s recent shows in the US, it’s time to talk about them both. 16, Amazon will release the sole season of “Fleabag,” the six-episode dark comedy based on star Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s play of the same name.RELATED: Netflix September 2016: What’s coming & going?It’s an exquisitely designed show, full of intimately realized and relatable details of shameless (and shameful) moments.

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