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Couples piggyback through deeper waters like pairs of mating frogs. A century ago Germany's spa scene was strictly high society.

My wife is a scalding hot German woman with two master’s degrees and a smile so stunning it could stop your heart. I have absolutely no motivation to give out dating advice, especially when it might help young German men get a little extra honey on their stingers.

As the country readies for a general election in 2017, the shadow of Cologne looms large, with the ruling parties toughening their stance on immigration.

' Blanket punishment' For Merkel, who had won praise for opening Germany's borders to those fleeing conflict and persecution, it was a nightmare start to the year.

After a gang of 1,000 Muslim men viciously assaulted over 100 women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, some German politicians condemned “the right-wing” for its apparent “anti-immigrant” rhetoric. Muslim men launched a coordinated mass rape mission against German women and authorities are berating their political opposition.

The interior minister’s chief concern appears to be shadowy right-wingers who say mean things online.

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