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The Urban Daily made up for lost time with Charity to talk about her "stormy" tryout, her new BFF co-star Lisa Ray Mc Coy, and what it resembles being man taken care of by Common.

Shea seems having a privatized life and her personal facts are rarely known to people.

Written by New York Times author Ashley Antoinette, the e-book series helped to serve as an companion to the drama series picking up after the second season finale.

Critical reception of Single Ladies were not too favorable, Media Life Magazine reporter Tom Conroy reported that, "The female characters are either one-note (Keisha), inscrutable (April) or incoherent (Val). The writers are the ones who can’t decide if Val, for example, is the kind of girl who would make men wait 90 days or the kind of girl who would use a phrase like "tap this" referring to herself." Ginia Bellafante of The New York Times reports that ""Single Ladies" has issues with black men, who are depicted as way too self-regarding, and blond women, who are simply taking up too much space on the planet.

Over time, we came up with an idea for how to capitalize on the rise of online shopping, social media, and influencers. When you’re on our site, you can shop by your favorite blogger and see what they’re wearing. I’ve taken a meeting but it’s never felt right to me because I don’t want to be involved in a show that’s based on character drama. Then we’re flying back for New Years; he’s DJing in San Diego. In January, we’ll have a constant feed of influencer images that are specifically curated for Foray Collective, which will constantly change.

It provides some built-in fashion guidance and inspiration for shoppers. Celebrities like Shay Mitchell and Vanessa Hudgens, but we mainly focus on fashion bloggers, like Aimee Song and Danielle Bernstein. Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea is my absolute favorite. A big part of the way we get exposure for Foray Collective is through my connections in the blogging industry, so it’s critical that I stay involved in that world. No, I’m from New Hampshire and moved out here two years ago. I’ve had a lot of people approach me about that, related to my blog and being in the L. But I’d be interested in doing a reality show based on women’s careers in the blogging industry, and maybe the development of a startup like Foray that focuses on situational drama. The initial concept of the site was to find smaller brands that needed a venue to gain more exposure; we have a universal shopping cart so our servers connect to the individual server of each brand, which means they’re selling directly to the consumer.

It also scored a slightly higher 2.0 rating in the 18-34 female demographic.

In Instagram with her latest post she has been captured with a guy but she is claiming time and again that they are just friends.

Thank you to all cast, crew, @vh1 @flavorunitent and everyone on the team of SL for a fantastic season!

Performing artist Charity Shea plays April, who appears to have everything with the ideal spouse and the perfect marriage, yet all that sparkles is not gold.

Unbeknownst to most, April is snared in a hot extramarital undertaking with the chairman of Atlanta (played by hip-jump dynamo Common), yet as she soon adapts, nothing stays oblivious for long.

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