C textbox validating event not firing

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After validations, i want that event handler to fire. Its working for the Button control when it is created in Design time.//i know i can do this all in design view , but i want this to be done Dynamically. Event Args e) protected void btn_Click(object sender, Event Args e) -please let me know where i went wrong.-Thanks for your time I have an idea you can check. Check the @Page directive at the top of your file to be sure (though I've never been able to program with it set to false).That means that you simply declare function name and . Since you then add the event manually here, this might be the only problem.

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I have a page with various text fields dropdowns with required field validator and custom validator.As a follow up to my previous post about enhancing the validation controls within Windows Forms, there might be times when you would like to manually invoke the “Validating” event of a control.For example, you might want to have a routine that fires on the form's “Closing” event or a data save method to loop through all the controls on your form and validate them independently to ensure that all controls are valid.You might even loop through all the controls on your form and focus each of them individually (or an individual control by giving it focus then changing the focus to another control), achieving the same effect: Which solution is better?I'd recommend staying away from reflecting on the internal methods and properties of Framework classes.

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