Broadcasts a live web cam amateure

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The problem is, satellite or microwave broadcast equipment is too expensive or impractical for a lot of those organizations.

So it can be very difficult to meet the growing demand for high quality online video, or even to go online at all.

Open the Meerkat app and hit “stream,” and you’ll start a live video feed using your phone’s camera.

The app automatically sends a tweet alerting all of your Twitter followers that you’re broadcasting live.

Online streaming gives viewers the chance to feel like they’re in the middle of it all: from tailgate celebrations at sports games, to political convention floors, and music festivals.

Welcome to the age of information immediacy and accessibility.

We want to know what’s happening as it’s happening, and we want to see it—live if possible.

On Friday, SXSW opened to a roar of hype surrounding an app called Meerkat, which had launched just two weeks earlier.

Like Foursquare before it, Meerkat harnesses your Twitter network to do something that Twitter can’t—in this case, mobile live streaming.

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