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    The abandoned wife who nearly cut her wrists now has seven starry seasons in ER, a healthy film career, an adoring second husband (German journalist Florian Haertel) and an adored daughter, Salome, five, to bolster her self-esteem. I actually went to see The Constant Gardener - the first time I have seen him on film since we split up - and I was able to sit through it and really enjoy the movie, just thinking, 'Oh, there's a fantastic actor on screen.' But there was no other reaction whatever. "There are so many actors in Hollywood who go through so many relationships, and are allowed to, that I think he should be left alone to live how he chooses, without being under the glare of the media.

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    Look at it another way: On average, Trump would cut taxes for middle-income households making ,000 to ,000 by about ,000 or 1.8 percent of their after-tax income.