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She's looking to break into publishing, and one of her life's high points is John Green replying to her on Twitter on the subject of unicorns. I’m not ashamed to say that I ploughed through most of Poppy’s offerings like I was on the most sinful of sugar binges. The premise had slightly more of a point than ‘bored rich teenagers doing stuff and occasionally each other.’ Specifically: four very different girls are thrown together under duress and decide to start their own fashion label. Yes, it’s set in LA and three out of the four girls are uber-rich, but they don’t magically go from strangers to besties or immediately put together a flawless fashion show that earns them the respect and admiration of everyone in the biz.

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Maybe it’s so I can get more people to read the books and DRAG THEM INTO THE PIT OF UNKNOWING MISERY WITH ME.

My aunt just finished the Nalini Singhs and my cousin is all up to date and I've manged to hold her off with Meljean Brook. So I was wondering if you could give recommendations along certain lines. She's not really into romance but she does love the Shelly Laurenston series and Ilona Andrews (she hit me on the head with a book after I told her the series wasn't done yet and she had to wait for the next one). My family loves strong heroines, humor, and good sex in our books.

My cousin works full time and has 3 young children and keeps reading too late so do you know of any good authors or series with a lot of novellas. So any help or recs you could give would be great since they all read very fast.

Vampire Princess was almost too violent, even accounting for the fact that it's a vampire book. Just got Hotel Transylvania by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro at a thrift store.

It is a series of books that apparently chronicles the life of a vampire named Saint Germaine. I've read all of Yarbro's Saint Germain books published up to now. I particularly like the way she incorporates actual historic people and events. Germain series is a classic--pretty much the only fictional vamp around for years and years, and pretty much THE bridge between Dracula and all sexy modern vamps.

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