Birth order and dating

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The deluxe compatibility analysis explains who your best romantic match is, and it tells you how compatibile you are with your current partner (if you're dating or considering dating someone in particular).

It can even tell you which of two people would be a better match in the long run.

If she has 4 yangs in her Element Chart, and he has 4 Yins (as shown), then the relationship will be much more balanced. Note: The guidance above assumes that the age gap between any two consecutive siblings is no more than 6 years.

It also assumes that none of the children are step-children, half-brothers or half-sisters.

Not only are they likely to apply to your new ­boyfriend, but they also apply to you.

So, for example, if he’s a last-born and you’re a first-born, you’ll probably find that you get on extremely well.

Various theoretical considerations come into play, including the work of Walter Toman, Robert F.

This is based on the theory that opposites attract.He keeps me calm and grounded, if not perpetually tardy. Well, pretty much shacking up with someone like yourself. This merger becomes a twosome based on boredom, obligation, and control. Not to over-generalize, but science says that if two Lastborns fall in love, it’s only a matter of time before they fall into debt. Plus: How The Muppets Will Save Your Relationship Of course, a lot of this birth-order stuff depends on a lot of other stuff, like: genetics, family dynamics, personality traits, and astrology, Tarot, and fortune cookies.And birth-order specialists tend to agree; they maintain that one of the most successful long-term relationship combos is Firstborn/Lastborn. Which means this pair is doing their taxes but not each other. When babies of families hook up together, you can imagine that there’s going to be a lot of napping. A final not-so-ideal match is an Only Child female with an Only Child male. So, take everything I’ve said with a grain of pixie dust, or, better yet, go have yourself a t-shirt made that proclaims, across the chest, where you fall in your family.It's also based on the theory, advanced by psychologist Walter Toman, that we're more comfortable with someone who matches the sibling position of our opposite-sex siblings.New research says the order in which you were born may impact your likelihood of finding love later on in life, with middle children faring the worst.

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