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You can clearly feel the warmth of the southern parts and intensive aroma of exotic flowers. I'm starting to miss it now when the weather is warming up and I crave a unique, fresh summer fragrance with some depth to it. Old time favourite that keeps permanent place in my collection.

Lovely but on my skin it has no shadow of lemon, coconut or pineapple.

In 1808, when the Portuguese Royal Court transferred itself from Portugal to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro became the chosen seat of the court of Queen Maria I of Portugal, who subsequently, in 1815, under the leadership of her son, the Prince Regent, and future King João VI of Portugal, raised Brazil to the dignity of a kingdom, within the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and Algarves.

Rio stayed the capital of the pluricontinental Lusitanian monarchy until 1822, when the War of Brazilian Independence began.

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